Black Ops 3 Brass Knuckles can be Epic, Legendary drops

We have already told you about the new Butterfly knife in Black Ops 3, but now we have some early Black Ops 3 Brass Knuckles gameplay to show you as well.

This is one of the three new melee secondary weapons that Treyarch has added into the game with the Butterfly knife and the Wrench.

We’re here to also tell you that these three weapons do have upgraded versions. By that we mean that you can also find Legendary and Epic versions of the Butterfly knife, Wrench and Brass Knuckles in Supply Drops.

You don’t have to open Rare Supply Drops either to find them – if you are lucky enough, the Common Supply Drop boxes also have the Legendary and Epic versions of the three new weapons which is fantastic.


Some players have noticed that these are basically just reskins of the combat knife and a copy of the animation from the CSGO butterfly knife.

Then again, you are still going to be happy if you pull this out of a supply drop, so we doubt there will be any complaints.

Check out the first gameplay of the Brass Knuckles below, which are a one hit kill and let us know if you get lucky to get Legendary or even Epic versions of them.



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