GTA 5 Online Mansion prices for Executive DLC

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2015

We have spoken about the upcoming luxury yacht price in GTA 5, in relation to the Executives and other Criminals GTA Online update.

Now though, we wanted to talk about another major aspect of the GTA Online Christmas update – the ability to buy mansions which is a massive addition to players.

Some of the new apartments at Opulent Apartments look really nice, but it is the new GTA Online mansions at Vinewood Hills that most players will be interested in buying.

Sadly the most important piece of information was left out of the trailer though – how much the GTA 5 Online houses from the Executives DLC update will cost.

We have been taking on board feedback from the GTA community since that trailer was uploaded (now over 2 million views) and it looks like the general opinion is that the GTA V online mansion price won’t be over 15 million.


Many players are expecting to pay around 2-5 million for the mansions, which is still extremely expensive if you have been playing the game fairly – by that we mean not resorting to modding methods which let’s face it many do.

Given that the yacht could cost over 10 million to own, do you realistically have enough cash to get the yacht and one of these new mansions or will it come down to choosing one or the other?

The new cars that are coming seem to be taking a place on the sidelines at the moment, with everyone instead worrying about the yacht and mansion prices instead.


With the update very close, let us know what you think the pricing structure will be like and how much you can currently afford.

Do you have enough to buy everything offered in the Executives and other Criminals GTA Online update or not?

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    I expect the mansions to range in price from 2.5 to 5 million for the cheapest and from 6 to 10 million for the most expensive. As for the yacht, I expect it to be priced according to the same rule as the planes are. The planes like the Luxor and Shamal are priced at 1/10 of what they cost in real life and I expect the same for the yacht. The yacht in the trailer would cost anywhere from 150 million to 240 million in real life, so I expect it to cost between 15 and 24 million in the game. As for what I can afford, I just bought a Megalladon Shark Card right after seeing the trailer because I simply must have that yacht. But even with the 8 million GTA$ from that shark card, I’m still at just 13.1 million, so I have alot of playing and saving to go before I can get that yacht. But the yacht is my top priority now.

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