GTA 5 Online Executive DLC update release time

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2015

We are almost ready for the big GTA Online Christmas 2015 update. Rockstar has announced a massive update with Executives and other Criminals, with the teaser trailer surpassing a staggering 2 million views.

It’s fair to say that everyone is on board for this one, as you will be able to not only purchase luxury mansions for the first time, but own a luxury yacht as well.

Naturally, everyone wants to know what time the GTA 5 Executives and other Criminals update is out in the US Pacific and Eastern time, and of course what the new GTA Online update is out in the UK.

Rockstar never gives specifics on this, but we’re here to remind you that they always stick to patterns when it comes to pushing out content.


With this in mind, we offer a heads-up that the GTA Online December update release time should be between 10am-1pm UK time. Rockstar always deliver content updates in the morning European time, so it means a late night for those staying up in the US.

We can’t promise anything, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the GTA Online December 15 update release time is between 2am-5am Pacific and 5am-8am Eastern Time.

If we are wrong on this, we will update this accordingly but this is the only heads-up that is available with no confirmed times so we’re sure you’ll appreciate it.

Use our comments system below to give us your expectations of the update and how much money you have to spend on the new content. Also don’t forget to recap potential prices for yachts and the mansions if you missed that earlier.

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  • Corey N

    So according to the author only 5 country’s are getting this update? The US and the UK.

  • Scott Nolan

    love the new dlc

  • Ty

    It just fined for me in nc @538

  • NgTurbo

    Update is live!

    • E.j. Katts

      Are you in the U.S.?

  • Norseman Sbmc Gutsy

    It’s not coming out till 12 pm est USA

    • JorTanos

      Funny, it’s downloading now for me.

      • Kyle

        What time is it for you?

    • Love_Guaca

      I got mines im on a xbox one and im in the us eastern time

  • Connor Stevens

    When is this thing coming out! It’s 12:08pm where i am

  • Ryan

    I reckon that the yacht should be 7. 5 million and mansions probably 4-5 million I don’t know your choice guys but looking forward to it

  • Ken Ortiz

    How much is the yacht?

    • Danae


  • Andrew

    97 million

  • El Guero Palma

    Xbox one anyone im rich as hell in gta v add me for good time in new yaght GM#Ledezma4100

    • Devin McCreery

      When does the update come out

    • Lukas

      Add me LukeDuke114 I’m almost level 95

    • James Todd

      Add me realorfake918 rank 127

    • Ryan13375

      Ad me on ps4 ryan13375 make money all day

  • Danae

    Lol can’t wait xD

  • Abraham

    Thanks for this post and the updates as well

  • Jim Bob

    $0 …..90% of the time i cant even get a game without trolls trying to kill me, and or i get a game and more trolls come in then leave after launch. Game Wrecker

    • Crazedclown03

      What system you on

  • NgTurbo

    So how much money does everyone have saved up for this update?

    • boiii


    • JF500

      15million but I’m not a fan of boats in gta do I won’t be buying the yacht

    • Rhys

      900k what about you my friend?

      • ash

        1.4 billion

        • Assassin8er

          Share a couple thousand? xD lol

        • El Guero Palma


        • El Guero Palma

          What console bro

    • Master Flynn

      23 Million

    • STN357

      15 million…

    • I smell a smell

      about 17.2 million

    • Danae

      400k blehh 😂

    • Mikeygta