Alpina D3 Biturbo Vs. Audi A7 test review verdict

There are always cars that you wish to see pitted against each other on a road test review, and two models that we have been excited about are the Alpina D3 Biturbo and Audi A7 BiTDI Black Edition. People have often wondered if push comes to shove, which of the two would be the better option to go for.

Both of these German machines are fully loaded with the latest tech to make sure they deliver the ultimate driving experience. We know they are powered by large, powerful diesel engines and you should not let that put you off just because of the current scandal.

To say that you will never buy a diesel again because of this Diesel issue is silly, as people have not been put off buying a Honda or Toyota after all these braking and airbag issues have they?

Audi A7 review

Having said that, AutoCar believes that some people still might be put off, and thought what better way to celebrate just how powerful a diesel engine can be, as well as offering decent fuel-economy and low tax liability if you were thinking of having one as a company car.

Another reason why the auto website deiced to put these two vehicles side-by-side is the fact that you are highly likely to get a huge bargain because of uncertainty with diesels at this time.

The Alpina D3 Biturbo Vs. Audi A7 BiTDI Black Edition test review is very extensive and some might say has a shocking outcome, although we will leave that up to you to decide for yourself.



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