Destiny Xur Dec 11 location and items selling

We are closing in on the next appearance from the Agent of the Nine, Xur. Destiny players will soon be looking to find out where is Xur’s location on December 11 and what items he is selling today.

Last week was a pretty good week as he not only had the Telesto, but also the Stag, Skyburners Annex and the Ruin Wings making it a solid inventory for those just starting out on Year Two.

We have doubts that Xur will be able to follow up on that with another great week but we don’t have long to find out.


Xur’s arrival time will be at 9am UK, 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time. Remember to also check The Reef at the times above just in case, as he surprised players last week by turning up there for the first time in weeks.

As we all look forward to Xur spawning in the Tower or Reef today, let us know what you would personally like to see the most.

Is there a particular exotic that you are hoping to see above anything else? We’ll update this with Xur’s inventory for December 11 as soon as we have it.

Update: Xur is live. His inventory for December 11 is as follows –


Location: Crucible



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