Nuketown 24/7 for Black Ops 3 Double XP Weekend

Following on from our confirmation earlier this week that Double XP was starting again for Black Ops 3, we now bring further good news for you.

This weekend there will not be a Chaos Moshpit playlist. Instead, Treyarch are giving in to fan demand and are turning on the fan favorite Nuketown 24/7 playlist for Double XP which many will view as a better deal.


That means that while Double XP is on from 10am Pacific on Dec 11 to Dec 14, you’ll be able to play Nuketown to your hearts content and the map won’t change like it usually would on Chaos Moshpit.

Let us know if you are ready for this event and what current stage you are on with regards to Prestige badges. Which Specialist do you see as the most useful in the game?



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