Monte Carlo Destiny review for Year Two players

Xur has once again produced the goods this weekend and many of you will be very happy to see that he is selling a unique weapon with the Monte Carlo.

Now, we offer a quick Monte Carlo Destiny review for those wanting to know is it worth buying from Xur, plus a reminder that the weapon was previously a PlayStation-only exclusive which is now available on Xbox platforms.

Also, the Monte Carlo has now appeared on Xur’s table a few months after selling the Hawkmoon so justice has prevailed.


Unique Monte Carlo perks include the Monte Carlo Method, which has the ability to deal damage and reduce your melee cooldown with the bonus being a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each successful kill.

This is one of the coolest exotics in Destiny, but in terms of it being competitive in PVP it probably doesn’t stand up as a suitable option compared to others in the same category.

Given the fact that Xur hasn’t offered it yet, it is probably worth buying for collection purposes, but you will find more use out of it in PVE not PVP.

Watch the detailed review below for a clearer analysis and then give us your own thoughts on the Monte Carlo. Will you be buying it from Xur today or not?



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