Minecraft update 1.22 notes released for PS4, PS3

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2015

We are ready for another new Minecraft update on PS4 and PS3, with developers 4J Studios confirming that the Minecraft update 1.22 notes are now ready for public consumption.

As a result, we are happy to bring you a complete list of what is new in Minecraft 1.22 on PS4 and PS3 as we can see a vast amount of changes compared to the previous version.

Key additions include new items such as Raw Rabbit, Potion of Leaping and the Prismarine Shard. There’s also new Blocks such as Polished Granite, Andesite, Polished Andesite and new Mobs such as the Elder Guardian.


Fishing now has particle effects too, while Enchanting will now consume Lapis Lazuli. You can see the full Minecraft patch 1.22 notes here – they are the same for both PS4 and PS3 versions.

4K Studios has said that the update is now in certification with Sony, so for those asking when the Minecraft 1.22 update is out on PS4 and PS3 – next week is a safe bet.

Let us know your thoughts on all of the new features in Minecraft 1.22 and if there’s something missing that you want to see in the next update.

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  • Minecraft ps3 1.22

    deathspoon666 your stupid

  • Minecraft ps3 1.22

    Rabbits are cool but i like to eat them

  • Minecraft ps3 1.22

    It works

  • Bob

    When will they ever add command blocks PLEASE!!!!!

    • deathspoon666

      they wont
      consoles cant run all of the commands
      the game would crash

  • Tiffany Joseph

    They said sometime this week it will happen guys. I cant wait

  • Daniel Porter

    Could be a update to day no one no”s yet

  • Aaron Ahad

    On my PS4 it says that minecraft playstation 4 edition is up to date and it is already the 14th of december???