Clash of Clans update release time after Dec 10 maintenance

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2015

We are very pleased to say that we are now just hours away from the highly anticipated Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 December update release time.

Everyone wants to know what time is the Clash of Clans update out in the UK and US and we’re here to give you a good heads-up on when you’ll be able to download.

Firstly, barring any last minute hiccups, Clash of Clans will go down for a maintenance break on December 10 for the Town Hall 11 update to be deployed – yes the CoC December update is coming on Thursday!


Going on past trends, this should happen in the morning European time. We have seen past Clash of Clans updates deployed from 9am to 12pm UK time, so we would say that this is a good schedule to aim for.

The maintenance could last a few hours to prepare for all of the content, a recap of which you can find below showcasing all of the features announced for the Town Hall 11 update.

For those in the US, that means potentially staying up during the early hours for the update – we would guess from 1-2am Pacific Time onwards and 4am-5am for those on Eastern time.

Remember that this is for the maintenance to begin and is only a heads-up based on previous content update trends.

Watch the video below and then give us your last minute expectations below. As soon as CoC is down for Dec 10 maintenance break, it is time to get excited about the TH11 update on the way – are you ready?

Update: It is 11.30am UK time and we are bang on schedule. Maintenance break coming very soon – here are the official TH11 patch notes in full!

Update 2: It appears there is an ongoing issue with the Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 update not available in the Google Play Store – head here for the latest updates.

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  • neil

    Yes it will return to update play store even if completely update

  • rajkumar

    hi … i updated game… but still asking update the game.. what to do?

    • TR

      I’m having the same problem. I think we should sit tight and give them time to realize and fix it.

  • Jorgeiaint

    Clash of clans what

  • Centricks

    We’ll get more Loot if you get the Town Hall, so all of those inactive farming bases will give us what we need to become maxed. I don’t realize why people are quitting because of this update.

  • Daniel Roberts

    I agree eatmyshitbitch, this update is mainly for those who have got to level 10, have everything upgraded and have moaned about having nothing to do for god knows how long. The best part (in a way) for us lower level players is the donating of spells BUT they are only useful in wars anyway.

  • Eatmyshitbitch

    Not excited because it’s for higher level losers who don’t have a life and spend all day playing this game.

    • Jim

      Nah I’m th8 and I’m kinda excited about the shield changes… I can finally revenge ppl without being disappointed that a town hall sniper protected them!! This update is for ppl who actually know how to farm barch for 50% destruction lol

    • P_Ang

      Exactly. It’s intended to crap all over casual players that make up the base of the game and reward only those who raid 24 hours a day and those who spend outrageous sums of money feeding Supercell’s terrible decisions.