Clash of Clans update not on Play Store after available

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2015

We can see that the Clash of Clans December update is available to download after the maintenance break ended, but there seems to be a problem with the download not actually live on the Google Play Store.

To recap, earlier we had two hours of maintenance to prepare for one of the biggest Clash of Clans updates that we’ve seen since the game launched.

Then just minutes ago, Android users had the message that the Clash of Clans update is available, but it is actually not available to download when you redirect to the Google Play Store.


We can see that this is a problem which is affecting every single Android user at the moment so it is not restricted to a particular region – it is a mistake by Supercell, although probably an easy one to solve.

Do you have this problem now where you can’t find the Clash of Clash update download on the Google Play Store? Give us your status below while we investigate this problem.

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  • Mubasshir Zisan

    I need my coc . Please repair it. Please please please repair it. I have played so well and new version is not available.

  • anne

    Please I have played so well and new version does not supporting to my tab 3 samsung. I need my villege back.please

  • Aming

    I try to clear cache in google play store and google service for several times ….. and finally I can find COC icon in google play store and succeed to install it.

  • mark

    I have android 4.4.4 and it says that its not compactible with the device…

  • matt

    I have a samsung tab3 same thing not compatible thats y i have an iphone just saying less bs might just have to get an ipad too

  • Hafsa Anwar

    When will it be available on my galaxy tab 4?!

  • Hafsa Anwar

    Why isn’t coc available on my Samsung galaxy tab 4?! Coc is my life, now I can’t play 😭😭😭😭

  • Eddie

    How can download in play store of clash of clan

  • Marcus

    I’m using samsung galaxy v plus which is android 4.4.4, and its says clash of clans isn’t compatible with my device.Are this problem going to change for the next update?

  • kirk

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab 3 and it’s says COC isn’t compatible with this device? Please help it was a birthday present and now won’t even play the game he wanted.

  • Nadine Barber

    My nephew has the htc mini+ and the update can be found but is not compatible with the device.. Is that going to change with another update or is he now forced to buy a new phone?

  • iAndroHackerDK

    i have the same problem on Droid4X. changed mobile country code, modified build.prop and reboot emulator. it still not showing on play store

  • matt

    Was told to clear my cache and data, which I did and this problem still persisted. Then I was told to uninstall the app, now I can’t even download it again because I can’t find it on Google play store…wtf

  • Macon

    Really would love to get back in my clan. I need this Google Android issue fixed and fast. Galaxy S5 user

  • bouncycastle

    supercell is gonna fix this right?

  • bouncycastle

    Having the same issue… kinda in the middle of a war my clan mates r gonna be pretty pissed. an lg leon isnt old right? im preety sure they came out 2015, my phone should be able to handle this game

  • troy

    HTC android incompatible with the new update.. PLEASE HELP ME.. I NEED COC!!!!!


    All of the Sudden my Galaxy S5 isn’t compatible with SUPERCELL….. “REALLY SC” Was that in the BIG PLANS get us to pay money now we cannot use it on a Friggen $700.00 dollar phone?ΒΏ?ΒΏ? WTF is being done about this!Β‘!Β‘!

  • Money

    HELP! Got an amazon kindle fire, don’t know how to update clash for the 26th Jan update, anyone else having issues?

  • hoosierjody

    Click to play, says there is an update, but play store says my phone is incompatible. Not cool at all. Not a happy camper

  • Jeremy Speelman

    Worse part is now in my lg phone clash of clans is not even an option to download anymore in the google play store

  • Chuckie

    I cannot get on the game nor can I install it after uninstalling the game I tried the fix posted and it did not work

  • krissy

    Lost account with update on lg can not even down load game now or get on

  • El

    same problem with my account. I can’t find clash of clan on play store

  • Jeremy Speelman

    I had game downloaded on my new phone i just got this week its an Lg and game worked fine over last couple days…this morning after update happened i went to play store to load new update an its saying game is not compatible with thia device ….wtf

  • patrick

    you know its works fine after I did i few things on my android, (1) went to my settings, open security and check the UNKNOWN SOURCES. (2) went to DEVELOPERS OPTION, checked the ALLOW MOCK LOCATIONS. (3) went to LOCATIONS SERVICES and checked both Googles location service and Location & Google search. (4) connect to my wifi (5) went to GOOGLE PLAY STORE SEE IF IT SAYS UNINSTALL/UPDATED–don’t touch it just leave it. (6) restarted my andriod and there it was. I can see the new version of Google Play Store & Clash of Clans. enjoy guys- patrick pante(Philippines)

    • ErosExos

      Hmm I’ll try that. Does it work on droid4x (PC Android Emulator)?

  • Josue Cornejo

    Same it doesnt let me search up any supercell game.
    I have that problem on my lg leon 5.1.1 if you search for terraria it wont appear either and its minimum operation system tuns 3 and lg leon runs on 6

  • Adsz Khalifa

    Same problem with my lg leon.. Cannot find coc on play store.. 😨😨😨 Supercell please FIX THIS…

  • Cindy

    Just did a factory reset on my samsung s3 and now it won’t let me re-download clash of clans. It states not available for my phone? I just had it what happened and how do i get it?

  • bigt123

    I just downloaded coc 4 days ago from the amazon app store, and I went back to check on it and it’s not there anymore…. what happened to it??? And why put it in the app store if we can’t get google play to buy gems??? I never got that…..

  • (: mood :)

    New tab 4, can’t find coc in the store, and when I Google search it it says it is not compatible. I’ve tried updating my system and store and evrything. Nothing seems to work. I’m new to androids and am hoping that I’m not doing something wrong

  • Mustika

    I also cannot download clash of clans. I tried to search it at play store, but it not there. When i try to download via google chrome, it says not compatible. Please fix it ! I have the battle on my clan.
    I am Samsung Tab 3 Lite user.

  • Lorenz Inocando

    Lg leon cant download clash of clans. I tried downloading it in playstore but is says not compatible pls fix it 😰😰😰

  • JjsSpldwyf Lanpher

    FIXED IT!! Got my Hubby an Android tablet w Kitkat 4.4 loaded for his Clash of Clans…which would NOT run. I downloaded jelly bean launcher and jelly bean theme from playstore and tell it to launch from jellybean and download and launch clash through there. No clearing OS, no rooting, no difficult wipe outs.

  • Mark Doyle

    Coc not available on play store….Hong Kong…HTC M9+

  • dani

    Just tried to download coc on my samsung tab 3.. says not compatible and I tried to change the settings to download from unknown sorce…nothing worked:(

    • Mustika

      Same problem

  • baker

    I had the update running but have resetted my phone. Now I can’t find clash of clan in the store any more.. Samsung s4 mini

    • rhenieboy batula

      your problem , is my problem as well

  • Endijs

    So when the update came out i factory restarted my phone, after that it just doesn’t show up. if i go to my games clash of clans it says not available for this version or something like that

    • guest

      I have done exactly the same thing and I have the same problem πŸ™

    • Mustika

      Same problem.
      -Samsung Tab 3 Lite user

  • janet macedo

    Hello my tablet is lenovo version 4.4 say is not incompatible when i want to down, please help me for can to down this game

  • A Martin

    my Samsung tab3 10.1 has just updated to 4.4.2 and now clash of clans not showing, went to play store and not even listed, went via internet explorer to play store and it says my deviceis not compatible now.

  • Bryan

    So guys, I want to let you know I just got the galaxy tab 4 myself for christmas. I had the incompatible problem as well. What I had to do, and I hope this works for you guys…. but go to your settings and security and click where it says allow downloads from unknown sources. Then I went in google store and Clash of clans popped right up. Hope this helps

  • Malene

    Lenovo A7-40 tablet can’t download clash of clans it says it is incompatible

  • Luke Bryan

    anybody got it working yet ??

  • theonlygonzoswift

    Clash not even on google play now after update

  • gabbie

    Got a new tablet for Christmas ,can’t download clash of clans it says it is incompatible.

  • Zav man

    I got a Samsung galaxy tab 4 and it says clash of clans is not compatible please help

  • Pam

    Same here Samsung galaxy tab 4 not compatible

  • shane

    Same here! Samsung galaxy tab 4, “not compatible”. :/

  • will

    my samsung tab 4 7″ says “not compatible” πŸ™ 25/12/2015

  • BR

    LG GpadF 8.0 can’t install clash of clans from google play store. WTF

    • jas

      Same here, f8 Xmas gift no coc on play store when search says not compatible boo

  • New Tab 4 and says it isn’t compatible.

  • Gordon Holden

    LG stylo not compatible after update.

  • Laura

    I got a galaxy s4 note n it says it’s not compatible

  • cody

    Can’t get the game says not capable for my phone. Can you fix?

  • tyler

    It wasn’t letting me buy gems so I uninstalled to reinstall and now it won’t show up in play store. I pulled it up in the play store via google and it says that my device is not compatible. I have a cheap Verizon tablet, everything was fine until the update. Anyone??? 😒

  • matheesha

    I have a phone samsung galaxy j1.clash of clans new crismas update cant get to my phone.please help me

  • Krystle

    I have the LG stylo and when I went to update it , it says “your device isn’t compatible with this version” what do I do?

  • Henrik RA

    Just bought a Samsung S4 Mini for my son for xmas. Only things he wants is to play CoC.. And it’s not in the store.. Argh. What to do?

  • DrVineet Kumar

    Wat can we do now..spend too many hrs on this already

  • DrVineet Kumar

    Suddenly I can’t donate troops in war cc but everything else is it tells my ZenFone 2 is incompatible! Wtf!! Came to know while trying to reinstall..

  • Jessica Sowers

    I think i got the update automatically but it ruined my game. πŸ™ it force closes seconds after opening. Sometimes gives me a lil longer and it wont let me type anything in the chat. Its so bad i cant even play it. And when i go to the playstore and search for app to uninstall and reinstall it wont find the game at all not even with a note saying not compatable with device. It will not find the game. But i looked with someone elses phone and found the app.???? Why wont my tab or phone find the app???? They have my game installed on them but i cant do anything and i dont want to uninstall only to find out i cant reinstall cause i cant find the game????

    • Jessica Sowers

      I am very upset all the time i put in this game and its one of my favorite!!!!! πŸ˜£πŸ˜­πŸ˜°πŸ˜±πŸ˜¨πŸ˜«πŸ˜€πŸ˜²πŸ˜¦πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜•πŸ‘ΊπŸ˜ΎπŸ’€πŸ‘Ž

  • David White

    Have an LG gpad F 8.0 and can’t download CoC, please help!

  • traci

    I just bought a Samsung tab and it won’t even show clash of clans in the play store! I dont know why, it’s my favorite game and I am very frustrated!

  • Amy Loresch

    Just bought samsung galaxy tab 3 for my son for his bday……not compatible!! WTF!!

  • Scoty

    I have a galaxy s4 active and it is saying it’s not compatible after speaking b to Google for hours and going step by step and deleting the app I still can not get it and now the app eons even appear in. The Google play store. Can I ever get my game back?!

    • Angan

      Download the apk from browser

      • Scoty

        When I search for it in the browser it brings me to the app in the play store, yes a shortcut I already tried. When I do that it opens and still says device not compatible with the update. And I don’t even have the app to update so it should say you device isn’t compatible with this app. The whole app is all glitched.

    • sn_perFTW

      same here on my lg g3 mini. in my case it doesnt even show up in the play store if i search it. and i cant install apk for some reason

      • Scoty

        Yeah it doesn’t show up at sell if you Google search it it’ll show up but say your device isn’t capable.

  • Lance Snider

    I have had Clash on my Verizon note 4 since I got it in April. Have had these 2 account for over 2 years. I download the new update and have had no issues. I had a problem with my phone, wasn’t making calls, Verizon has me do a factory reset, and now there is no Clash of Clans in playstore at ALL! I go thru Google to download it and it says my device is not compatible. I was playing it just an hour before. I have spent thousands on this damn game and I am pissed. No responses from Supercell and I am not spending hours searching thru forums. I see it is happening on boom beach as well so seems to me it is a Supercell issue

  • shubham kshirsagar

    guys any idea when we gonna get our updated game back by play store??/ seriously…. my builders are waiting for my next command

  • charlie

    just bought an LG sG4 stylus. i tried to DL COC but says the device is not compatible

  • ulfberht

    Installed aptoide first. Searched in the internet using my phone. once installed, I searched for clash and installed it. Now happily playing.

  • nenskie

    i have an same problem that cnt download it and not aplicable why? and i cnt open it anymore cause i uninstall the coc app…plz solve it by nenskie711 asap 4 solution

  • Hello

    seriously guys!! my update just went okay. I didnt have any problem.

  • romeo

    How about snap? Coc update not available in snap blackberry

  • amcee

    clicked update, receives error, uninstall coc, accessed google play, coc cant be found, tried reset factory settings, accessed google play, still no coc available for DL, uses google chrome to search for the app, found the app but was prompted it’s not compatible with my fon.WT????

    • Scoty

      Same exact thing happened to me

  • igiboygwapito

    I have updated the game but it doesnt stop downloading, after it gets 100%, the downloading must go to installing, but it doesnt , it rollbacks to 0% and starts downloading again, ive tried to restart my phone, clear cache of googleplaystore, still it happens ,and whenever i stop the downloading , my phone restarts, please fix

  • zeon

    I play coc on xiao mi red note series. Now i can’t play after update. Pls fix quickly.

  • Christopher

    Is there any way to fix this unfair update .I been play this game for 2 years in the same phone and now is not compatible. REALLY!!!!!!!!!UGH

    • Suodz

      I have the same problem as you so what kind of smart phones do you have?

      • Christopher

        Lg leon lte

        • Jose

          I have lg leon too. With metropcs try aptoide worked for me

        • Suky

          I have the same issue although i had installed it a week before and it DID BUT I had to uninstalll for a reason now.. it gives incompatible error …kindly state a solution. the update has a glitch not my phone!

  • Christine Brown

    Had this problem near 24hrs now, can’t open app as says update available, but no update on play store πŸ˜”

  • Zach Jewkes

    I have a moto E second generation running Android 5.1. Not available and I really want to play

  • debarshi raj

    I have micromax A102 KitKat 4.4.2. The game was running smoothly before the update. And after that Google play store is now saying that device is incompatible with latest version. Please fix this issue. Disappointed really πŸ™

  • Syeven

    I had no issues at 7AM. There was a few short resets but that’s expected with an update this big.

  • stefan

    I have lg d160 and the android is 4.4.2. And the players with smaller android versions can play why?