Appeal your parking fines for full refund

From time to time we like to offer some advice for drivers, and while what we have to say might not appeal to most of you, it’s still a good piece of advice.

Why you should appeal your parking fines – You will be surprised at how many people get a parking fine in cities such as Canterbury, UK, yet are unaware of a loophole that could allow you to get a full refund after paying the fine.

Appeal your parking fines

Earlier this year there was a change to parking policies that allowed drivers to get a full refund back from Canterbury Council, which has led to hundreds of people getting their money back.

However, we have a feeling that word of this law change has not spread, and so wanted to let more of you know that you could get a full refund as well.

The loophole – If a motorist can prove that the parking ticket they bought from the machine fell in the car, then their appeals would not be rejected. Please note that you can only appeal your tickets that were issued before February of this year.



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