Whatsapp 2.12.222 update for Windows Phone with no notes

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2015

We can see that a new Whatsapp 2.12.222 update for Windows Phone is now available, but there appears to be confusion as to what the update actually does.

This is due to the fact that Whatsapp has not released any changelog for the Whatsapp Windows Phone update made available to some users on December 8.

As a result, the notes that you may see with this new update are actually those contained in the last Whatsapp update 2.12.212 – highlighting starred messages and new interfaces for camera, photos and video.


Given that at the time of writing, there is no official Whatsapp 2.12.222 changelog for Windows Phone we have a feeling that it may just a minor bug fix update fixing issues from the last update.

Having said that, we have heard some feedback from users suggesting that this new update has disabled the ability to hear voice messages – you can still send them, however.

Give us your experience of this update if you have just updated on Windows Phone. Are you seeing any issues with voice messaging too or not?

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  • gui41

    I have the same problem here! Anyone knows how to fix that? Lumia 930

  • Mauri

    Yes, I have the same problem. I can send voice messages, but I cannot hear them! how can I fix this?

  • bashar

    Same here cant play voice messages on mobile I can Only on PC using Whatsapp web

  • jorge

    yup, just got the update myself and i got the same problem, i can send the voice note but can’t hear the note. smh!

  • Frank Eisenhauer

    Same here.
    I can’t click the PLAY-Button when I receive a voice recorded message.
    This really sucks.

    Lumia 930
    Latest Windows 10 Mobile Preview

    • SauHung Chong

      ya, i encountered the same issue, can’t touch the PLAY button, even my sent voice message also can’t play.