Aion Upheaval servers down with Dec 9 maintenance

We have important information for those who play Aion Upheaval, as we have confirmation that Aion Upheaval servers will be down for scheduled maintenance on Wednesday December 9.

The popular online game will be offline for routine server updates and modifications as every week and below we have the official Aion Upheaval maintenance times for when the servers will be back up.


The developers have also reminded players that the Frozen Magic Event will be available for one more week, while the Wheel of Fortunerk event is still available for another three weeks.

Here’s the important details to make a note of: Maintenance will start at 6am Central time on December 9 and will be finished at 10.45am – meaning downtime for 4 hours and 45 minutes.

For those on Pacific Time that is 4am to 8.45am and Eastern Time that is 7am to 11.45am. Let us know if you are still enjoying Aion Upheaval and if the maintenance each week is inconvenient to you, or necessary.



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