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Snapchat stories not loading on December 8

We can see that Snapchat is down at the moment with Snapchat stories not loading on December 8. As far as we can see, this looks to be a global issue and so far there has been no word of scheduled Snapchat maintenance today or any status update from the developer team.

It is not uncommon for this to happen with the Snapchat app and it seems to happen at least once a month. You can get confirmation that Snapchat is not working on December 8 below by seeing the complaints from users within the hour, while you can check live results coming in here on Twitter.


At the time of writing, there has been no update from Snapchat Support so it looks like this is a problem that they are not aware of yet.

To give us an idea of how widespread it is, let us know if your Snapchat is down at the moment with stories not refreshing or loading and which area you are in.

Are you surprised there has been no official update from the developers yet?

Update: Here is the latest status from the Snapchat team – problems are now being worked on. Can you connect yet?



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