Porsche Mission E production creates 1,000 new jobs

The news that the Porsche Mission E is to enter production will be good for the company, as the new model will create a 1,000 new jobs. Although this new model is not set to take on the likes of Tesla until 2020. It is a long process to get Porsche’s new electric vehicle to the point of production, and so will take a huge effort.

It does seem funny to learn that Porsche are to invest around €700 million at its main factory, as this is a time when the VW Group is trying to scale down its investment.

However, we suspect that Volkswagen knows that such electric cars are the future and seeing the success of Tesla Motors has made them eager to have their share of the action.

New Porsche jobs

The current engine shop in the factory will be outfitted so that there is the capacity to produce the combustion engines for current models, and also the electric motors for the Mission E.

Not only that, but the body shop will need to be made larger. This sort of investment leads us to believe that Porsche will not just settle for just one EV model, as €700 million is a lot just for one model. We suspect that over the next year or so Porsche will announce some other electric cars, or maybe even use this facility to build the motors for VW, or Audi EV models?

In a recent poll it shows that the Mission E is more desirable than the Model S. However, we would like to see what Tesla Motors brings to the table in 2020, which is when Porsche’s EV hits the market.



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