Destiny 2.1.0 update live with full patch notes

We are now just hours away from Bungie going live with the Destiny December update today. For those that aren’t aware, the Destiny 2.1.0 update will be released alongside Sparrow Racing and will include a multitude of weapon balancing tweaks. Update: Destiny 2.1 is now live, patch notes below.

Bungie has been providing previews of the big update over the last few weeks and as we wait for the download to be available we thought we would recap on what is already known.

For starters, Bungie has said that Challenge Mode will be fully rolled out once the 2.1.0 update is live – we already had a taste of this with the early Warpriest Challenge mission.

As for weapons, Pulse rifles will be receiving a nerf with weapons such as Red Death, Hawksaw and No Time to Explain receiving an 8% base damage reduction.


Shotguns are also going to be hit to make them less effective at range, but Auto Rifles will be given a buff with Zhalo Supercell and Suros Regime getting a 7% and 3% base damage increase respectively – Necrochasm is also getting a 4% base damage increase.

Next up is the big nerf to Titans, with Bungie giving an early glance at how Titans and specifically those on the Sunbreaker class will be affected after 2.1.0.

This is what we know so far in terms of Destiny 2.1.0 patch notes, but once Bungie posts everything we will update this for you with a link.

The update will be going live on Tuesday morning Pacific time, so let us know when you are installing Destiny update 2.1.0 and report on your gameplay experience after updating.

Update: The Destiny update is now live, which may initially show a 16GB install size on your console. Did you have problems with the Destiny update not starting because of this? In actual fact though, the update should be around 1GB in size.

Take some time to read through the monster patch notes here and give us your feedback on Destiny 2.1 below.



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