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Clash of Clans update release date after maintenance

We are now closing in on the highly anticipated Clash of Clans update for December 2015. As most of you know, developers Supercell have been providing Sneak Peek teases for two weeks and now fans are expecting the update to go live at any moment.

We now know that the new hero in Clash of Clans is the Grand Warden, while the last Sneak Peek revealed was the new Eagle Artillery defense for Town Hall 11.

We’re not sure if there are more teases to be revealed this week, but we can see from feedback online that fans are expecting the Clash of Clans update release date to be on Tuesday December 8 or if not December 9 on Wednesday.


Will we see a Clash of Clans maintenance break for December 8 very soon? If that moment happens, you know it is time to get excited as it means that Town Hall 11 is almost here.

If you have some attacks still left to do, we suggest you get them done as maintenance could come at any moment. Stay tuned to the official Clash of Clans Twitter page for the moment the game goes down for maintenance.

After two weeks of teases, is your body ready for the big update? Let us know when you are downloading the Town Hall 11 update.



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