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Verizon WiFi calling goes live tomorrow

For some reason there have been a few reports clamming that Verizon’s WiFi calling will go live today, but that is incorrect. The new Advanced Calling feature will not go live until tomorrow, December 8, 2015.

However, try not to get overexcited, as this feature will only be supported by some Samsung devices for now, which includes the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Verizon WiFi calling support for other handsets will be rolled out in phases, although we have yet to receive a roadmap from the carrier, and so we will just have to wait for updates on this support.

Verizon Advanced Calling

This sort of feature is already enjoyed at home, and so being able to use WiFi calling while away from the home is a feature that is very much anticipated by Verizon customers.

Some Verizon customers are not too bothered about this feature, seeing as they they can already make WiFi calls using Google Hangouts. Rival network customers have already jumped on the bandwagon and said how late Verizon is to the WiFi calling party, and so is not really that big a deal.

If you are Verizon customer and wish to make use of WiFi calling, then we suggest you sign up for Advanced Calling now.



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