Final Fantasy 7 PS4 price cut, gameplay analysis

As we’ve already told you, Square-Enix unveiled some surprise gameplay footage of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the PlayStation Experience.

What we wanted to talk about though was the other surprise for fans – the immediate release of the delayed Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Edition which in turn is a PC port from the PS1 original.

This updated version of the classic comes with trophy support and updated visuals. If you somehow didn’t play the original but are very interested in the remake this is a nice option for you.


Even better is that the game is currently available on the PlayStation Store with a 32% discount bringing the price down to $10.87 – this price will expire at the end of the week though and will revert back to $15.99.

To give you an idea of what you are buying, we have added a Final Fantasy 7 PS4 gameplay walkthrough video below from YouTuber Shirrako.

Below is part 1, but if you head to the user’s channel you can continue watching on if you enjoy ‘Let’s Play’ series.

Will you be buying this, or will you wait until the Remake is out?



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