Automakers not attending Detroit Auto Show 2016

Automakers have already started to gear up towards the Detroit Auto Show 2016, which take place next month, and while most of the big players will be there, we have noticed that a few are not attending for various reasons.

It was always known early on that Jaguar Land Rover and Mini were not going to have any vehicles on show, and another has joined the list of Automakers not attending Detroit Auto Show 2016, and that is Tesla.

Tesla has not really gone into too much detail as to why they are not going to attend the show, just that the timing was not right for vehicle introductions.

Detroit Auto Show 2016 directions

This is nothing new because many carmakers feel that certain auto shows do not coincide with the launch of their vehicles, and so would not be beneficial for them to attend.

However, there is good news though, as the space left behind means that Aston Martin can make use of this space. The reason that this is such a huge deal is because Aston Martin has not attended the Detroit Auto Show since 2009.

As for the area that Mini would have taken up, BMW will use this for one of their other modelsand it could be the BMW i8 Spyder concept, as this model will now enter production, and so the German carmaker will want to celebrate this fact.



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