Paragon Xbox One release date after PS4 exclusivity

By Alan Ng - Dec 6, 2015

At the PlayStation Experience 2015, Sony and Epic Games unveiled the first footage of Paragon, a MOBA type third-person shooter which looks extremely promising.

Straight away though, we can see that the biggest question being asked via social media is if Paragon is coming to Xbox One or not.

At PlayStation Experience, there was obviously no mention of Xbox platforms anywhere. However, some of you may have missed the fact that during the stream Paragon was highlighted on PS4 as being a ‘console debut’.


That implies that there is a exclusivity deal in place between Epic and Sony, but it should also mean that there will be a Paragon Xbox One release date sometime in the future.

This could turn out to be a similar affair with Rise of the Tomb Raider being a timed Xbox One exclusive but for now PS4 owners will get to play Paragon before Xbox.

While we wait for further details on this, check out the amazing first Paragon gameplay below. Xbox One owners, watch it then tell us if you are hoping this game also comes to your platform.

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  • CassidyNickolasThor

    this will only happen if cross play is allowed


    lmk for x bone when paragon comes to it asap pls cuz ps4 is 4 chumps💯

  • Xbox Com Ambassador

    I might be litle bit confused right now because *Epic Games* Is not a game deloper, only Unreal Enegine! 🙂

    • MrSec84 .

      Epic Games are a game developer, they’ve made loads of games, which can be verified on their wikipedia, which has sources.
      They have well over 160 people, which is more than enough to make a couple of AAA titles at once, while also iterating on their engine technology.

      • P Nova

        xbox fanboys are not that blight

    • Ozzman999

      Dude, Epic made Gears of War.

  • Karl

    Gotta love click bait