GTA V Online servers down with Rockstar status shock

By Alan Ng - Dec 5, 2015

The last thing that you want to see over the weekend is GTA V Online servers down on December 5. There seems to be an ongoing problem right now and we can confirm that the GTA Online servers on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC are all down at the same time.

This has been confirmed by Rockstar’s server status checker which you can see a screenshot of below at the time of writing – showing all platforms hit which is very rare to happen at once.

Rockstar has already acknowledged the GTA Online server outage on their Support Twitter page, as they advise players to head to this page for the latest updates.


That means that they will already be trying to fix the issues, so hopefully many of you will be able to sign into GTA Online as soon as possible.

Right now though, don’t be surprised if you constantly get the message saying that the “Rockstar game service is not available” on December 5.

Have you been hit by this shock downtime over the weekend? Stay tuned for the latest updates as we get it.

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  • Zane Boult

    Was it hacked or wa wat caused it.

  • salmaninhovic

    gta v ps3 can’t join online

  • Mombasa69

    GTA V, is still one of the best MP games out there, an oasis of fun, surrounded by an endless sea of utter sh1te

  • Alexander Stopher

    This was for 5 minutes.. it’s amazing how you try to manipulate people..