Rocket League Xbox One has exclusives, no cross-play

After the news broke earlier this week of Rocket League being rated on Xbox One, it’s no surprise that the game has now been officially confirmed at the Game Awards 2015.

Not only that though, but Xbox One owners will be very pleased to hear that it is coming with exclusives as well.

The Rocket League Xbox One release date will be sometime in February 2016 and when it arrives it will come with exclusive Gears of War as well as Halo vehicles to choose from.

You can see both briefly in action below in the teaser trailer, with the Gears of War Armadillo and the Halo Hogsticker available exclusively on the Xbox version.


This is a nice way to end the speculation once and for all and soon we will all be able to play Rocket League together regardless of platform.

One piece of information that won’t be good news however, is that the Xbox One version of Rocket League will not offer cross-play.

The PS4 version allows for users to play together with PC players on the same server, but it looks like Microsoft isn’t allowing support for this to happen sadly.

What are your thoughts on the confirmation at last – will you be buying the game next year or not?



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