FIFA 16 Web App down, not working with grey screen

We can see that there appears to be a problem with the FIFA 16 Web App down on February 4, with the desktop version not working and showing a constant grey screen.

As far as we’re aware, this is only affecting the desktop version of the online FIFA 16 Web App as the mobile version is still working fine and loading without any issues.

This is what you will see right now though if you try to log in to the FIFA 16 Web App on your computer:


A quick check online and it looks like this is a problem that is happening to everyone at the moment. Discussion on this issue can already be found here on the forums, so hopefully EA is already aware of it and are fixing.

There is no heads-up on the EA Sports FIFA Twitter page which is strange, but stay tuned for the latest updates as we get it.

Are you getting the same grey screen as above when trying to sign in to the FIFA 16 Web App today?



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