Facebook down in UK with Talk Talk internet outage

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2015

It looks like there are ongoing problems right now with Facebook down in UK on December 4 and not working for many users.

We also see that this could be linked to the fact that Talk Talk Internet is down for many UK users as well in the middle of the night.

We have taken a look at Talk Talk UK’s Twitter page and there hasn’t been any statement on an outage, but many users have been complaining over the last hour about their service going down and Facebook not loading specifically on Talk Talk.


Hopefully this isn’t a serious problem and Talk Talk’s team are already aware of the issues. It could be something related to Talk Talk’s DNS server which is why Facebook is taking a hit at the same time.

We’re also getting additional reports that Instagram is down in the UK as well, which may be connected to the same problem.

As we look for further answers on this for you, give us your status below. Is Facebook down for you in the UK at the moment and are you on Talk Talk internet?

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  • Shona

    No talk talk broadband service in Inverness since Friday. Will not a customer much longer

  • DezertBLU

    Virgin Media is our provider, no Facebook still, AND on my Vodafone mobile I can SEE pages but can’t SEND replies or posts…. miserable

  • jazz strider

    Lothian….facebook 24 hours…..almost – virgin

  • Joshua

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Can’t get hold of my friends with plans tmoz

  • Pinklady6

    My Facebook has been down for almost 24hrs Dundee area with #Virginmedia

  • Les

    I’m on Virgin media no Facebook Instagram to 23 hours now in Accrington Lancashire can however log on with vigin mobile on 3g

  • Sarah Jane Worviell

    i still can’t get on facebook & mine’s been off since last night.

  • Peter Ward

    Cannot connect to Facebook over WiFi but can with mobile data. Daughter lives around the corner and has no issues, we’re both on Virgin cable.

  • Lisa

    Doesn’t work with virgin media either. Will only work with mobile date

  • Sam Ware

    yes and yes