Destiny Xur location on December 4 with Telesto

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2015

It’s time to take a look at the next Xur appearance in Destiny by giving you the lowdown on where Xur is for December 4. Xur’s location hasn’t been at the Reef for weeks, so will Friday finally see Xur move elsewhere?

Once 9am UK, 1am PST and 4am EST arrives, we will be giving you the Xur location for Dec 4 as soon as possible, as well as a heads-up on what Xur is selling today.

Last week during the Black Friday fever, Xur had the 4th Horseman shotgun along with the Helm of Saint-14 and the Crest of Alpha Lupi once again – a firm favorite this year so far.


With that in mind, what are you hoping to see sold this time around? We hope that Xur will have another nice weapon for players to buy – but what would really be good is if we see a brand new Year Two exotic that hasn’t been sold before.

Give us your last minute predictions below, then come back at the time schedule above for the official inventory.

Do you feel as if Xur’s event each week is getting boring now with so many games to play, or are you still fully addicted to Destiny and play daily?

Update: Xur is live and this is what he is selling today –


Location: In the Reef

Give us your reaction to this week’s wares below – what will you buy from the list?

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  • Alan Hill

    Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got PLENTY of cool stuff from Xur
    over the months. BUT for me, it just seems to take away the pleasure of finding
    an exotic after weeks of grinding for it – only to find Xur SELLING it for a
    few coins at the weekend. When I “legitimately” finally got the 4th Horseman
    I was so pleased! Only to find everyone running around with one in crucible a few weeks
    later that they bought from Xur. IMHO – it distracts from the essence of the
    game. Tag: Revive me pls – Xbox One