Destiny Skyburners Annex review for easy orbs

After a month of disappointment, Xur is back with his best week since offering the Zhalo Supercell. As we’ve just told you his inventory this week includes the new Year Two Skyburners Annex exotic Hunter helmet which you should all consider buying.

It only costs 13 strange coins to buy from Xur and now we can bring you a quick heads-up on a Destiny Skyburners Annex review to show you what it is capable of.

Simply put though, the Skyburners Annex is one of the best pieces of armor in the game for orb farming. This is thanks to the primary Skyburners Annex perk Versatile Shooter, which can generate orbs with heavy weapon kills.


The official description states that it offers a ‘chance’, but those who have used it will agree that it is actually around 50% rate which is very good.

Pair this with the Nightstalker build and the Telesto which Xur is also selling this week and you have a very nice setup for getting a large amount of orbs in a short space of time.

Let us know your perfect setup with the Skyburners Annex for those that are thinking of buying from Xur today and the average amount of orbs you have been able to get.



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