PlayStation Experience 2015 start time and live stream

It is going to be an amazing weekend for PS4 and PS3 owners and now we have some useful information for you with the confirmed PlayStation Experience 2015 start time and how you can watch a live stream directly so you don’t miss any of the announcements.

Aside from a vast amount of PlayStation games to play for those attending, Sony now uses this event to also make big announcements as well for future games in the pipeline.

As a reminder, PlayStation Experience 2014 was used for the official unveil of Street Fighter 5 as a PS4 console exclusive, while it also brought us the now infamous Final Fantasy VII PS4 port as well – which everyone thought was a full-on remake.


Now for the information that you are all after. The event will start on Saturday December 5 at 10am Pacific Time. That is 1pm Eastern time or 6PM UK time for those tuning in elsewhere.

You will be able to watch a PlayStation Experience 2015 live stream here on YouTube, over on Twitch, or even directly on PS4 via the Events tab.

It is definitely not one to be missed for PS4 owners as you are guaranteed to get some world first premieres shown there before anywhere else.

Are you excited about the event? What game announcement would you love to see the most, above anything else?



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