GTA 5 Christmas DLC update with Lowriders 2

We have the first potential information to give you now on Rockstar’s upcoming GTA 5 Christmas DLC update which the developer always hands out to fans every year.

We know that Rockstar will turn on Snow in GTA Online very soon as they do each year, but now we could have some whispers on what else may be in the planning.

Renowned GTA leaker FunMW2 has given out some early information via the GTA Forums to suggest that the GTA V Christmas 2015 DLC could involve a Lowriders Part 2 update.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but take a look at the screenshot below which suggests that it may already be inside Rockstar’s code.


It’s worth pointing out that the Lowriders DLC released back in October this year alongside the Halloween content.

So having a Lowriders 2 DLC update for GTA 5 combined with the usual Christmas content adds further strength behind this rumor being true.

We expect Rockstar to confirm this very soon, so let us know your thoughts on even more Lowrider content on the way – did you love the first update?

Also, let us know what you want to see from the Christmas side of things too – just snow or something else?



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