Black Ops 3 update to make high scorestreaks stronger

We have some good news for Black Ops 3 players now, as Treyarch has just confirmed that a new update will be on the way in the future which will make high scorestreaks harder to take down.

Many complaints from players right now are that scorestreaks such as the Wraith and the Cerberus are too easy to destroy.

Fortunately, David Vonderhaar has just confirmed that the team are listening. Here is the reply that the developer had when replying to one fan on this very topic.


There’s no ETA on when this update will be available or perhaps more importantly, whether it will make it into the next Title update or patch 1.04.

Still, it’s great to see Treyarch working tirelessly to improve the game so let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.

Do you agree that some of the more higher scorestreaks need a little more protection? Otherwise it defeats the objective of using unlock tokens in the first place when you don’t get to enjoy them for more than a few seconds.



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