New Mazda MX-5 BBR engine, chassis tuning options

If you have one of the Mazda 1.5 and 2.0-litre MX-5 and Miata ND MK4 models, and feel as though it needs that something extra, then you will be pleased to learn that BBR, the Mazda tuning specialist will offer a variety of engine, suspension and upgrade packages. These tuning options are only for the ND versions of those vehicles, which has been designed to bring even more enjoyment, and make the whole driving experience more engaging.

There are several BBR Mazda MX-5 packages available, and these are BBR Super 160 (1.5-litre ND model) + 20bhp & + 15lb.ft, BBR Super 175+ (2.0-litre ND model) + 17bhp & 10 lb.ft, and the BBR Super 190 (2.0-litre ND models only) +30bhp & 24lb.ft.

We have already seen some of these options used on the Mazda3, and so will be interesting to see how well received they are for the MX-5.

New Mazda MX-5 BBR

The first two options are entry-level upgrades and feature BBR Starchip ECU software upgrades to optimize a number of systems, such has the Camshaft, ignition timing, along with fueling for the entire rev-range.

Super 175+ package is the flagship option, and so will be far more expensive. The performance and drivability are vastly improved thanks to several parameters of the engine being changed to deliver the maximum performance, all the while making certain that the engine is not compromised.

For a complete breakdown of the packages, what they deliver and also pricing, we ask that you head to



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