Bloodborne 1.08 update notes after server maintenance

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2015

Many of you are still complaining about Bloodborne servers being down for maintenance on December 1 or December 2 depending on where you live.

The developers recently explained that Bloodborne was down for ’emergency maintenance’ and now we can confirm that a new Bloodborne 1.08 update has now gone live.

Sony has not yet revealed the Bloodborne 1.08 patch notes in English yet as far as we can see, but we can bring you a heads-up thanks to a Japanese translation.


This should be what has been fixed in Bloodborne 1.08 after the patch so take a look:

Fixed a bug where players could get the Old Hunters DLC for free
-Changed moveset of Beasthunter Saif, Whirligig Saw, and Simon’s Bowblade trick weapons
-Lowered damage of Whirligig Saw
-Added +40% Physical Blood Gems
-Any new Chalice Dungeons now scale with New Game playthrough
-Fixed Fist of Gratia not allowing for Visceral Attacks

The key line there is obviously the top as now it looks like the main reason for 1.08 and the emergency maintenance was to stop players using a Bloodborne exploit to get the Old Hunters DLC for free.

It wasn’t going to last long and now it looks like the developers have already managed to patch it up with 1.08.

This hopefully means that the game will be available again, so let us know your status after installing the latest patch.

Were you aware of this exploit?

Update: There’s reports from the community that the translated patch notes are incorrect. Once we get confirmation from Sony on the official notes we will update this for you – apologies for the confusion / mass hysteria.

Update 2: The maintenance is now officially over according to the developers, so you should now be able to start playing as normal.

Update 3: These are the only official comments on the Japanese website for the game in relation to possible notes:

“The emergency server maintenance which occurred from yesterday (1-Dec, Tues, around 15:00) has been completed.

Also in regards to the issues like NPC survivor state not handed over properly which occurred in the previous update, we have provided a latest update (1.08) where such issues have been fixed.
We are deeply sorry to cause such inconvenience.

Please apply the latest update (1.08) and enjoy playing “Bloodborne”.

Once you start playing the game again, feel free to list changes that you spot yourself below.

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  • James S

    Download for the patch isn’t even starting for me.

  • herpderp

    where the f*** is the fix for “cannot access the dlc because the f***ing blood drunk eye doesn’t spawn” ?!?

    • James S

      I’m assuming you’ve beaten Amelia and examined the skull?

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    You think its funny Masaaki Yamagiwa?

  • Juan José Plascencia Fuentes

    This info was already debunked as false. There aren’t notes yet for this patch.

  • lava

    Are servers back up? I downloaded it and it still says server is undergoing maintenance.

  • Takeshi

    Also, the Fist of Gratia was not fixed, and the Whirligig Saw damage was not lowered. I don’t know where you got your information but it is mostly false.

  • Takeshi

    The movesets were not changed. I know because I use the Beasthunter Saif and Simon’s Bowblade more than anything else right now. The movesets are exactly the same.

  • Mister Nef Nef

    gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8