PS4 7th core for better game graphics and performance

A major breakthrough has just been uncovered with regards to the future potential of the PS4 console. It has been confirmed that Sony has quietly given developers access to the previously unused PS4 7th core of the 8 core CPU – which should result in better looking games moving forward.

Perhaps more importantly though, it could make PS4 games a lot smoother in terms of performance as well with an extra core being used which previously wasn’t available.

Sony launched the PS4 with six scores available on the developer SKU, with the two remaining scores being reserved for system tasks in the background.

Now that another core has been made available for use, developers should theoretically be able to make game performance even better.


Hopefully it also means that we could see games running at a stable 60FPS in the future, since this is still a benchmark that the majority of PS4 games have yet to hit frequently.

The discovery of the 7th core was made here, but it is interesting that Sony has not made a big fanfare about it yet. It’s also worth pointing out that Microsoft earlier this year made a 7th core available on the Xbox One so this could be Sony’s idea of levelling the playing field.

What is your reaction to this – do you think this could be a ground-breaking revelation in terms of technical potential for future PS4 games?



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