Destiny Warpriest Challenge mode loot for 320 weapon

Bungie has surprised Destiny players by going live early with the Destiny Challenge Mode. It is available with the Warpriest challenge that has appeared after the reset and now we have a heads-up for you on the Destiny Warpriest challenge mode loot that has been confirmed so far.

Straight away, you will be pleased to hear that challenge mode for Destiny actually appears to be pretty easy for now. It looks like Bungie are easing players into this new mode as most of you should have no problems completing it on the first play through.

Things to bear in mind though: You need to have two different aura holders if you want to score the Destiny Warpriest rewards – based on early feedback from players.

Now on to the information you are all after – if you beat Warpriest challenge mode on normal, you will get a 310 Weapon or Armor and a 310 Artifact.


If you beat Warpriest challenge mode on hard you should get a 320 Artifact and a 320 weapon or armor guaranteed. You should also get a calcified fragment and an emblem as well for your troubles which is nice.

You can check out the ongoing discussion on Reddit to find out everything there is to know so far on the Warpriest challenge. If you want to know how to beat it and what the best strategy is for Warpriest challenge mode in Destiny – we suggest you bookmark this Reddit page as it is very useful.

How far have you gotten on the new challenge mode yet – what are the best drops that you have received so far from the mode? Do you think it is too easy?



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