Final Fantasy VII PS4 release date closer after trophy list

It looks like PS4 owners may finally get their first taste of Final Fantasy 7 running on their system before the end of the year – no, not that one.

It isn’t time for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake just yet of course, but it looks like we are almost ready for the Final Fantasy 7 PS4 release date based on the PC port of the original game.

You may recall that this was the announcement that Square-Enix made back at the PlayStation Experience 2014, which was universally regarded as one of the biggest gaming ‘trolls’ seen to date.

It was due to arrive in Spring earlier this year, but was presumably put on hold due to the announcement of the full remake.


Now we can see that the Final Fantasy VII PS4 trophies list has been revealed and this should be an indication that the game is almost ready for release.

Unsurprisingly, some of the harder trophies to obtain require players to defeat the likes of Ruby and Emerald Weapon. You’ll also get a trophy for learning Aeris’ final limit break Great Gospel – which is quite a challenge to achieve before you know what happens.

Will you be buying the Final Fantasy 7 PS4 original remaster upon release, as preparation for the remake or will you skip?



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