Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle UK stock update at Tesco

We can see that Tesco has been offering an extremely attractive deal on a new Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle which comes with two free games for £289.

The two free games bundled in are FIFA 16 and Until Dawn, making this a great option as a Christmas gift for those that have yet to play two of the biggest games this year in FIFA 16 and Black Ops 3.

The deal has been so popular that at the time of writing, it looks like Tesco’s stock is gone for the moment.


Tesco are still offering a PS4 bundle with FIFA 16 and The Last of Us for the same price, but the Black Ops 3 package is the one that everyone wants and it’s gone already.

Hopefully stock returns later on Monday as the offer is not due to expire until the end of November 30.

Have you managed to buy this bundle from Tesco UK? Let us know if you are waiting for stock to return and we’ll update you if the package comes back later today.



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