Elder Scrolls Online server maintenance times Nov 30 – Dec 2

We have some important details to share in advance for PC players of Elder Scrolls Online. We have confirmation that the Elder Scrolls Online PC servers will be down for maintenance on November 30 – here are the crucial times to take note of.

Elder Scrolls Online is the only game that we can think of this year that seems to have maintenance every single week without fail.

This time, the developers have given players a heads-up and now we know that PC and Mac ESO Megaservers are down on Monday November 30 starting from 8am Eastern Time.


This means 5am Pacific Time for those on that timezone so most of you will probably still be asleep. As far as we’re aware, there is no indication on how long this maintenance will last – but we’ll update this for you once we have those details.

In addition to this, the above screenshot also gives you the schedule for Elder Scrolls Online server maintenance for Xbox One and PS4 users – on December 1 and December 2 respectively.

Make sure you save those details above, to avoid frustration when you suddenly get kicked out of the game next week.

How is your experience with the game so far, aside from the frequent maintenance – are you enjoying it?



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