Tesco website down for thousands during Friday sale

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2015

Many consumers have been left feeling frustrated after waiting a long time for Tesco’s Black Friday deals to go live, only to suffer further frustration by seeing Tesco’s website down on November 27.

At the time of writing and perhaps unsurprisingly, we can see that the Tesco website is not loading with thousands of shoppers in the UK all trying to access the website at the same time and crippling it in the process.

The end result means nobody can access Tesco’s page right now to get their shopping done for Tesco’s Black Friday sales online as opposed to in-store.


Tesco are obviously working on getting the problems fixed, but many argue that it isn’t really good enough given that Tesco has had enough time to prepare for such situation which many predicted would happen in the first place.

Is the Tesco website down and not loading for you right now? Let us know if you can get in, or if you are stuck in a never ending queue like many others.

Stay here for the latest status updates from Tesco’s team and we’ll update this whenever we hear a statement from Tesco on restoring access to the website.

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