Samsung UE40JU6000 4K TV reviews cite light leak issue

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2015

We have a look at one popular Samsung model that is available to buy in the UK right now for a low price. This is the Samsung UE40JU6000 LED 4K Ultra-HD Smart TV 40″ model with Freeview HD and built-In WiFi as standard.

This model appears to be in the midst of a bidding war with Amazon, Tesco and John Lewis all offering it right now – John Lewis appears to be winning at the moment with a price of £379 compared to Amazon and Tesco who both offer it up for £400.

The Samsung UE40JU6000 specs are very good as you would expect for a 4K capable model. The 40-inch LED display has a 3840 x 2160 resolution, with a 60Hz native refresh rate, 3 HDMI ports, UHD upscaling, quad-core processor, 2 USB ports and MHL support.

It’s also fully Smart supported, meaning that you get all the apps you want such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, along with specific viewing modes for gaming and live sports.

What we wanted to talk about though is the Samsung UE40JU6000 4K TV reviews that we have seen so far online. This is a brand new model for 2015, but within the small number of reviews that are available – many cite that this model could have a problem in relation to light leaking on the display screen.


In other words, areas of light appearing on the screen in the bottom corners which are stopping viewers getting the perfect picture – especially when viewing dark broadcasts.

Head to the link above to read the reviews for yourself and let us know what you think about this potential issue.

For a closer look, you can view the Samsung UE40JU6000KXXU specs over at Samsung’s listing here, while we have also picked out the manual download for those that want to take a look at that.

If you have recently purchased this model in the UK, give us your experience of the TV below especially if you have also noticed any problems relating to light leaking in the corners.

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  • Paul Kubon

    If you look at the Amazon reviews re light leak/bleed you will see they are for the 55 inch model, not the 40″ mentioned in the above article. Plus the remaining reviews are for a 48″ model.

  • David Tsang

    I’m just considering buy this TV so is there any light seeking problem as they mentioned in the article ?

  • David Martin

    Just bought one and very pleased no evidence of bleed whatsoever. When its a black screen yu would think the TV had turned itself off!

    • David Tsang

      I’m just considering buy this TV so is there any light seeking problem as they mentioned in the article ? ?

      • David Martin

        Bleed is the same as light seeking. Absolutely none with mine. It may have been a batch issue. Argos have now reduced it to £349 so an absolute bargain.