Intempo Karaoke Machine for Office Christmas parties

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2015

While there might be a lack of Intempo Karaoke Machine reviews, it still does not mean this is a product not worth your consideration. We know this is going to prove such a popular item over the next few days, especially as it would make the perfect device to take to work for the office Christmas party.

We all know that office Christmas parties always ends up with some of you singing, so why not let yourself be heard rather than shout?

Thanks to the Intempo Karaoke Machine features (which is currently available to buy at Wilko), not only can this speaker be used as a karaoke machine, but also to just play normal music through.

Intempo Karaoke Machine

This is a Bluetooth speaker, meaning you can connect any of your devices that support Bluetooth, so your Android and iOS smartphone, or even your laptop.

Not only that, you can also download a karaoke app to allow you to sing along to your favorite tunes. Do not worry if the sound does not seem right, as you can adjust this with the built-in five band equalizer, and there is also an LED display, so that you can change certain settings on the speaker.

If you are looking for a white version of this, rather than the black one that Wilko has, then head over to Amazon, where there are also a couple of owner reviews.

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  • DrSMSharma

    Really a good machine for this amount of money. Highly recommended.

    • pete

      work for wilko and got mine for £8.50 when they were discounted to clear stock, as a pure music player they are fantastic and loud and clear at full volume and by loud I mean very loud.