Element E4SFT551 55-inch TV review with Input lag fears

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2015

We have a look at what Element has to offer now in the emerging 4K TV market, by inspecting the Element 55″ Class 2160p 4K 120Hz Smart UHD TV E4SFT551 which consumers can now buy online at Target.

This is one of Element’s first 4K capable TV models and as a result you can bet it will be extremely popular with consumers during the price reduction sales in November.

A quick glance at the key Element E4SFT551 specs, as this model features a 55-inch display with a 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution, 3 HDMI ports and Dolby Digital audio quality.


We can also see that this TV is advertised as having a 120Hz refresh rate, but at the same time it only features a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1 which isn’t exactly appealing for a 4K capable model – according to Target it’s 3000:1, but our image from the manual states 4000:1!

As a result, we wouldn’t be surprised if this TV is actually running at a native 60Hz but boosted up to 120Hz using Element’s image processing techniques similar to other consumer brands who use the same strategy.

We also spotted that Element has now updated their website with their new 4K-capable range but currently they don’t offer a working page for the Element E4SFT551 4K TV and you may also be interested to know that this appears to be Element’s only 4K model which isn’t assembled in America.


We have however picked out one Element E4SFT551 review on Target’s website which talks about concerns over input lag ruining the viewing experience.

It is probably too early to judge this model, but we did want to point that out to you and encourage all of you to leave further feedback on this TV below if you are considering a purchase.

For those that require further information on this particular model, you can read through the official Element E4SFT551 user manual here which we have located for you.

What are your early observations on this TV? Will you buy one, or will you wait for further feedback?

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  • Sucker

    Lag is putting it nicely.

    I have always been able to trust Target’s black Friday TV’s. But this is truly garbage. I wish i would have ready the target review you mentioned before i purchased. That guy was 100% correct.

    Ill be returning it this week along with (presumably) everybody else.

    • Mo Lillaney

      I haven’t had this problem , are you using the smart tv login? I haven’t tried the smart tv features, but my xbox and Apple TV (where I log into things like Netflix etc) are working very smoothly… Don’t use the built in software to run tasks, it’s obviously going to be inferior

  • kanti desai

    i just bought this 4k 55″ model E4FST551, superb picture quality as 4k compare to old LED .
    but when i i hook up complete tv with HDMI on my dish, and Netflix…
    very bad fuzzy sound on tv. i try to set in audio settings to level bass , treble, surround on & off
    nothing effect, so i called Target . they said hardly we sold 10 and none of complaint. this is my first day after purchase as for rest of 9 too…if any one has this same issue then post here or call me on cell 615 481 2233.
    then i call to element co. after 20 minute wait , finally voice message say leave message…
    so i left message on it …lets see when they call me back.
    Target said you can return it but they don’t have replacement tv.
    i dont want to give this nice pic quality tv return , but when i see movie or any programm
    the words on screen should come to my whole famlies ears…right now we cant understand what screen saying.
    cheaper is always like this i know ,
    but $ 430 for tv in this market is enough money to pay manufacturer to check final quality of pic and sound too…..where they missed …? i will found when they call me back.
    otherwise i will return it to Target. and go on something else with pay $50 more on LG and 49″.
    kanti desai

    • Haneef

      I have the same audio issue. It is terrible. Did you get a call back? any luck?

    • Patrick Li

      I got this TV yesterday and its sound quality is horrible. It hurt my ears.

  • Walt

    What’s the msrp?

    • Mo Lillaney

      I bought this for 400, connected my new Apple TV and it works just swimmingly , the audio speakers built in aren’t bad either , and I have no complaints thus far