4th Horseman Destiny Year Two review for 2nd chance

If you have just visited Xur in the Tower for Thanksgiving, you will probably be asking yourself is the 4th Horseman worth buying or not?

Now we can bring you some insight on this with a 4th Horseman Destiny Year Two review, as don’t forget Bungie updated this exotic shotgun after it was critically panned by the community as being one of the worst exotics in the game.

Specifically, we want to point you in the direction of a video from YouTuber iTagonist who has offered up a ‘honest’ assessment of the 4th Horseman exotic after patch 1.1.2 where the weapon received a buff from Bungie.


After watching this video, you will then want to head to the discussion over at Reddit here for further insight on why the 4th Horseman should be given a second chance if you haven’t used it since the buff.

Key abilities include Final Round and Return to Sender, the latter of which has the ability to return ammo to the magazine on kills.

Xur is now selling this for 23 Strange Coins, so do you think it is worth another look at or would you advise players to stay clear? Check out the video below and let us know what you think – to find out what Xur is selling for November 27 weekend, head here.



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