Philips SHB3165 wireless headphones review video

By Peter Chubb - Nov 26, 2015

It’s surprising at just how many people you see riding the bus, the subway or even walking about while listening to music through a set of headphones. Many of them do like to go for the in-ear option, although most tend to opt for over-the-ear instead, as you get a far better sound. However, there is no denying that they look very annoying, especially some of those larger models with in your face colors.

However, there are some that are not too imposing and look like a premium product, rather than just a horrible lump of plastic, the Philips SHB3165 wireless headphones being just one example.

The SHB3165 from Philips makes use of Bluetooth technology, so that you can connect to a supported device with one-tap NFC pairing. The design is said to be inspired by DJs, and so if you want to aspire to become an artist, then these could very well be the headphones for you.

Philips SHB3165 wireless headphones price

Not only can you listen to music on these foldable headphones, but also use them for calls, which does come in handy if your phone rings while listening to music. The foam earpieces offers a great deal of comfort, and has an adjustable headband.

Charging is made very easy thanks to the USB port, and as for its sound reproduction, this is helped with a 32mm driver and bass control.

It’s all very well reading over some of the specs of this item, but it’s far better to watch the Philips SHB3165 wireless headphones review video below, which runs for just over 6 minutes.

This is not an in-depth review, but you do get an idea of just how good these headphones are.

Argos also has some owner reviews, which is a good way to judge just what the consumer thinks.

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  • Keith Irving

    OK. So I can pair with my smart TV, my iPhone 5 but not, apparently to my PS4. Is that a Philips/Sony disconnect or just that the PS4 wont accept anything but Sony?

    • Nope, it’s a stupid policy Sony have in place for the PS4. The internal Bluetooth hardware is reserved for use by controllers/move and such. To get wireless headphones of any kind on the PS4, they have to be designed specifically for it and they come with a USB adapter for the connection. It’s stupid and frustrating, but that’s how they want it for now.