Pandora Friday sale with social tease for bracelet charms

The Pandora Black Friday sale has been known to fans of their charms and bracelet collection for a few years, as this gets promoted well before the big day. This year, we have seen Twitter play a big part in the the promoting of Pandora’s special charms for Black Friday sales, as seen within the tweets below.

Pandora’s official account built up to the big day by creating viral teases with photos hiding what the charms might be, and then finally revealing all to everyone. The deals won’t be wide reaching, but the special selection is one to keep and certainly something that would make an ideal Christmas gift.

You can see how the official Twitter account for Pandora UK started the tease yesterday, just look at the tweet below. This shows a ribbon going around what had to be the 2015 Black Friday Pandora bracelet and charms.


Then we see a tweet just 8 hours ago revealing the pricing information and finer details. Asking followers, “Who’s excited for a #BlackFriday treat” and Pandora titled it “The Sparkling Present bracelet”. You can see the final message in the screenshot below, which reveals the item will cost £99 and launches on Nov 27th, 2015.



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