Need for Speed 1.03 Icon update notes in full

We are pleased to see that the Need for Speed 1.03 update is now live and available to download. Fans had been waiting for the new Need for Speed 2015 Icon update to land and now we can bring you the entire Need for Speed 1.03 update notes and also detailed insight from the developer team.

The update should be available the next time you boot up the game if you haven’t played for a while. There are a vast amount of changes in Need for Speed 1.03 and we have included everything for you below – as they appear in-game on PS4.


In addition to that, you will want to read through the developer notes on the update as well, as it goes into detail on some of the new features such as Color Picker 2.0, Mirror Decal and a new tile for Community Events.

Check out everything and then let us know how your game is playing after experiencing the update for yourself.

Generally, are you very happy with Need for Speed 2015 so far?



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