Digihome 49 Inch Full HD 1080p TV with major drawbacks

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2015

If you are planning to buy the Digihome 49-inch Full HD 1080p TV with Freeview at Tesco, we wanted to point out first that there are some major drawbacks to be aware of before you consider a purchase.

This model is also known as the Digihome 49/278 49-inch TV, but we can see that there are some early warning signs which you need to be aware of.

Mainly, this TV does not appear to have built-in Freeview HD. The Digihome 49-Inch TV specs include a a full HD resolution of 1080p and a 50Hz refresh rate, but as far as we can see it only as a standard Freeview tuner included – not HD.

It also has no built-in WiFi, no Smart TV functionality and no web browser. The picture quality may not be suitable for you either, as we can see that the Digihome 49/278 spec sheet has a contrast ratio of 1200:1 only.


Combine this with the fact that there are no Digihome 49/278 49-inch TV reviews online anywhere, or a product manual to download – you may want to save your money for a more trustworthy brand.

You should also be aware, that Digihome doesn’t even appear to have a website so consumers cannot do their research on this TV before purchase – the closest we could find is Vestel.co.uk, a Turkish manufacturer who owns Digihome and Celcus – another budget brand being sold by other UK retailers.

For the final nail in the coffin, take a look at Digihome’s listing on Amazon for a similar 49-inch model, the Digihome 49279SMFHDLED.


Head to the product listing and you’ll see that Digihome has inexplicably used an entire Samsung product description under their own product – which should raise alarm bells even more if the concerns are not there yet.

We are aware that these Digihome models may be available at Tesco for a very good price this month, but is it worth it with little to no information available?

Give us your thoughts on this particular model and the best price that you have seen for it. Will you still buy it regardless of the clear shortcomings that this model has?

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  • Clive Richards

    I bought a 49″ 4k digihome tv from CoOp Electrical £289 – so far I dont see problems – It has HD channels as well as SD, some mainstream apps like iPlayer and Netflix 4K plus it has a generic DNLA player that reads content from my Plex Media server (not as yet found a file type it wont play) – Just a pity that it does not have the full plext TV app but I am guessing this is more to do with Plex,tv than the TV company. I appreciate this article deals with a different model but may give an unfair impression of the the brand.

  • themanwhosoldtheworld

    Just over a year old and it’s stuck on one channel. Tesco guy has no interest, What do I do?

  • Kim

    Could anyone tell me what formats are supported in the usb video player please? I only want to use this for showing short video clips from a USB stick, Many thanks in advance 🙂

  • paul

    Bought one on 29-12-15..RETURNED ON 16-01-16 as it broke on the 15th.would not receive any signals.that a whole 18 days of use before it died.. bought from tesco for £199.
    4 had been returned this year……only 2 weeks into 2016…..
    Save a little more and buy a little better.

  • Harold Cameron


  • Ray Stanton

    As Tayta says; a budget TV is not what you want if you insist on HDTV through an aerial. Hook it up to any HD device however and the results are great though. I’ve also hooked the sound up to a set of studio monitors and it now functions a great movie platform. You get what you pay for and for what I’m using it for it’s great value.

  • Bosch

    Back to my last post I put an aux cable from surround sound to headphone socket and I get sound out the tv and the sound bar

  • Bosch

    Just tried hooking up a sound bar useing the audio in method with red and white lead to a standard audio jack and getting no joy works fine with my phone conected just sod all from the tv

  • Tayta

    I just installed one. The picture quality is great. Has the same menu interface as the Alba TV units.
    There is no ‘HD’ freeview tuner, just a regular one, but I don’t need one with Sky TV. I don’t even use an aerial. If you’re hell bent on getting HDTV through an aerial, a budget TV is not where you want to be looking in all honesty. You can’t get an amazing spec and a great price. It is what it is.

    The only drawback is that the sound is ‘tinny’. For a lounge TV you may want to use a surround sound system or TV sound bar to add some beef to the output. A bargain for the price though, and as lightweight as anything.

    • nigelrichardson0@talktalk.net

      Bought mine in December sound not great added a sound bar now it’s good

  • Alan

    Yes does not have hd freeveiw but if you run through sky or virgin box hd is very good for £199 its great.

    • Fayth Dyer

      Can u tell me how to turn it on, tried remote no joy.. Just bought it

      • Tayta

        Put batteries in the tv remote.

  • Shona

    Bought this morning its fabulous

  • Helen

    I have had Digihome TVS for almost 5 years now and my first one (a 32inch) only gave up this year when the sound stopped working… for a very ‘budget’ brand, I think thats pretty good 🙂