Destiny King’s Fall Challenge mode rewards excitement

Excitement for the Destiny King’s Fall Challenge Mode release date is starting to reach fever pitch, with Bungie teasing that the new harder than hard mode is almost ready for public launch.

So far, we know that this mode is going to offer an even tougher challenge on King’s Fall for those hardcore players who found hard mode, well – too easy.

Now Bungie is upping the ante with Challenge Mode and the format is going to involve facing a new boss every week with certain requirements needed in other to defeat said boss.

The catch is that Bungie are not saying what these requirements are and players may have to figure it out for themselves through trial an error – hence the name Challenge mode.


The good news is that this new mode means that we are going to be getting a fresh set of King’s Fall Challenge mode rewards. Some of these could be exclusive to challenge mode that we haven’t seen before which is particularly exciting.

Don’t forget that Challenge mode is also one part of a big Destiny December 2015 update which will also bring new exotics, tweaks to certain weapons and also Year Two upgrades for some of the older exotics – which will tie into Xur very nicely.

For now though, Bungie are also keeping silent on when Challenge Mode is out for King’s Fall – we do know it will be sometime in early December though.

What are your expectations of Challenge mode and the kind of rewards we will see offered? Do you have the setup and team to take it on, whatever the challenge?



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