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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek 4 update with new details

Now that the dust has settled on the last Sneak Peek for Clash of Clans, players are already looking ahead to what is next with Clash of Clans Sneak Peek 4 – all in preparation for the big December 2015 update for Town Hall 11 and a new Hero.

To recap, hours ago developers Supercell revealed the next topic to be discussed. This was information relating to Loot, League Bonuses and Trophy Offers.

We have added the latest video discussing these upcoming features, so anyone who hasn’t seen that can check that out before the next sneak peek arrives.


As for what is coming with Sneak Peek 4, this hasn’t been revealed yet. Supercell’s Dev Notes forum message has only hinted that the next Sneak Peek will discuss other aspects of the Town Hall 11 update – so you’ll just have to wait and see.

Will it be coming later on Thursday, or will Supercell wait longer to share the information? Remember that the Town Hall 11 Sneak Peeks will last two weeks, so still have another week of previews to come which is exciting.

Once the information is revealed, we will update this with the new details for you – just like we have been doing all week with previous Sneak Peeks.

What are your thoughts on the update so far – are you loving everything you have seen?

Update: Here are some brand new details on the new Clash of Clans update! Is it Sneak Peek 4, or just a bonus from Supercell?




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