Blaupunkt 49/235Z 49-inch TV reviews show value

By Peter Chubb - Nov 26, 2015

There seems to be an almost endless choice of budget TVs this month, one of which is the Blaupunkt 49/235Z-GB-11B-FGKU-UK, or more commonly known as the 49/235Z 49-inch TV. We have noticed that Richer Sounds and Tesco both stock this model, although be careful, as Amazon also has a very similar model number.

We know this is not going to compete with some of the big boys, although Blaupunkt did use to have a big name, but more so when it came to in-car stereos backs in the 90s.

You will still be able to enhance your entertainment experience with this Full HD LED TV.

Some of the more important Blaupunkt 49/235Z 49-inch specs are 1080p, built-in Freeview HD, with a 7-day programme guide, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and 300 brightness.

Blaupunkt 49:235Z TV specs

As for connections, this TV offers 3 HDMI ports, 1 Scart and 2USB inputs.

To get an idea as to whether this TV is worth its value or not, you might wish to read over a few of the Blaupunkt 49/235Z 49-inch TV reviews, which have been written by Tesco customers that bought one of these models.

We would also like to point you in the direction manual as well, which can be downloaded here.

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  • Cheryl

    I bought the 49 Inch smart TV from Tesco last Saturday. Worked fine great picture but sound wasn’t that great until I hooked my bluetooth 100 watt soundbar to it. First problem was I couldn’t connect my Virgin media remote to it. So after a few days while watching my tv, it just turned of and tv remote that came with tv wouldn’t turn it back on?

    So called the technical support from the Manuel and went through steps with them and they said it must be faulty. So I returned this to Tesco and did an exchange for another one. Got it home set it up. TV worked fine that day, then the next day turned on and had tv on for about an hour..switched it off as had to leave out. Came back about three hours later..turned tv on..fine. then 20 mins later
    It did it again! Just switched itself off and wouldn’t turn back on? By this time I frustrated! So called technical support again.
    .spoke to a few came on phone and said it needed a soft wear update! And did I have a usb stick so they could send via email to me to download! I was in two minds in what to do as really didn’t want to drive back to exchange so went and bought a usb stick. Had to wait until the evening before I received this file from them so had no tv in lounge. Anyway got the file download it and followed instructions which did update and turned tv back on! I’m giving it 7 days and if anything goes wrong I will be exchanging it for a different brand and will not purchase this brand again as it’s been a complete headache. As I believe this may be a faulty batch and I as a customer should not be having to run around and doing all this. .I would not recommend anyone purchasing this tv.