Apple UK Store skips Friday sales

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2015

We have been keeping you informed about various sales taking place from retailers across the country, but now we can confirm that unfortunately there will not be any Apple UK ‘Black Friday’ sales available either in-store or online.

We contacted Apple UK to check if sales were being held specifically for UK shoppers but were told that there would not be a special sale this year.

You may recall that Apple also decided to skip a special ‘Black Friday’ sale last year and now it looks like they are following suit and not giving in to the mass hysteria going on in the US at the moment.


The likely reason for this, is that many other retailers across the UK as well as every supermarket will be hosting their own price reductions on Apple products – hence Apple UK’s reasoning on why they don’t need to hold a special sale of their own.

At least now you have confirmation of this, just in case you were holding out for some last minute announcement from Apple UK that a sale would be taking place.

Now you can head to places like Tesco, Curry’s, Argos and John Lewis to see what discounts are available on Apple products this weekend.

Is this disappointing for you, or expected?

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